Crushproof® Tubing currently makes breathing hoses and tubes for many applications including extreme environmental suits, fire safety suits, military gas masks, and first responder equipment. The diversity of rubber compounds available to us allows us to use just the right blend in each of our breathing hoses and tubes. This ability to manufacture high quality hoses that meet a wide variety of specifications has made us the supplier of choice for some of the biggest names in the breathing safety business for decades.

Special cuff sizing is another critical Crushproof® Tubing advantage because our tubes and hoses will fit different couplings and connectors on each side; cleanly, snugly, and securely. No more awkward, rough, and unprofessional looking connections that put the end user at risk.

We offer both fixed length and stretch style hoses with annular or spiral convolutions. Stretch hoses have up to a 1:4 compressed to stretch ratio, making them extremely flexible. Rubber types include butyl, neoprene, nitrile, and EPDM. Colors are available so please call about pricing and availability.

To get your free, custom sample in about a week just visit our Build-A-Hose page and let us know what you are looking for.

Custom air intake * Chemical resistant air intake * Flame retardant air intake * High temp air intake
Flexible air intake * Heat resistant air intake * Stretchable air intake * Rubber air intake * Cold air intake