Crushproof® Tubing supplies external gas transfer and protective hoses for the medical industry. Our hoses carry everything from oxygen to sensitive wiring bundles in both hospitals and veterinary clinics. We make boots and bellows that fit hospital beds and wheelchairs to keep dirt and debris from damaging critical components.

We offer a variety of custom colors for projects as small as 500 hoses and our black hoses are static-dissipative. Crushproof® brand hoses are not only super-flexible but also heat and chemical resistant, allowing them to work in places other hoses can’t.

Our ability to make small lots of custom parts makes building lower-volume medical equipment more profitable and cost-effective. The crushproof® nature of our hoses makes them ideal for applications where a cracked or split hose is not an option.

Take advantage of our custom cuff feature that allows you to connect two different sized ports without the need for fancy adapters and fasteners. We can do all this at a great low price. Let us prove it to you by requesting a free, custom sample with our Build-A-Hose form. You’ll have a custom sample and a quote in less than a week!